Christophe Patris de Broé

Christophe Patris de Broé
  • DEEP CUBE, CEO & founder

Christophe Patris de Broe is the founder and CEO of DEEP CUBE an Artificial Intelligence start-up for Healthcare Diagnostics in Lausanne.

Christophe holds a Post Master Graduate in Information Systems from Paris 1 University La Sorbonne and a Computer Science Diploma from ESIP Paris. He also holds a MBA in International Business from the International European Institute of Management (EIIM-IEMI Paris). Christophe has over 20 years international experience in High Tech and Services, including the consulting and various software for the following technologies: e-commerce, Systems and Network Management, SaaS, Big data, Artificial Intelligence (at CA, BMC software, Sterling Commerce, IBM

From a technical perspective Christophe is mastering the BIG DATA for AI and Highly Parallel Computing architectures. From the management perspective, Christophe managed various Sales and Marketing divisions in Europe (at STERLING Software, STERLING Commerce, IBM). In his last position, he specialized in Deep Learning Artificial intelligence, working as Business Development Manager Dreamquark (Switzerland), before founding DEEP CUBE in 2017, an AI company focusing on medical imaging for Ophthalmology, Oncology and Surgery. He launched a first prototype in ophthalmology for the Diabetic Retinopathy reaching a sensitivity level of 99%, achieving a new world record. DEEP CUBE is now working on a new Ai model for oncology and surgery to detect tumors with best sensitivity.

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